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Software Testing Crossword – Series 4

Dear Technologists, hope you all are doing well. 😇

Here is the 4th post in the Software Testing Crossword series.

Let's test your Software Testing knowledge. 😉

1. A validation that runs on the Server to check that the form values (submitted data) are of the correct type

2. It can help in automation of business processes
3. A lightweight format for storing and transporting data

6. A HTTP Method

7. One of the Scrum Value

11. One of the Quality Criteria defined in the Heuristic Test Strategy Model

12. A Cloud Computing Service

4. A mnemonic for Mobile App Testing

5. Testing that is performed for a specific region, locale or culture
8. It can be used to generate, write and verify the XPath & cssSelector

9. One of the Programming languages supported by Selenium

10. A Test Design Technique

If you unable to see the crossword in the above image; don’t worry. Here is close-up of it.

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From all the correct entries received; 3 lucky entries will get a FREE Pass for the Tutorials and Training scheduled at ConTEST2021 (a Virtual Software Testing Event).

I believe; you are excited to solve this Crossword and win a FREE Pass as well. 😉

Comment below with your thoughts, experience of solving this Crossword puzzle.

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Keep learning, keep sharing, and yes, stay safe.😇


  1. Its a good practice to memorize each terminology of testing. Keep uploading such kind of stuff.

    1. Sure, thanks for your kind words and motivation.

  2. Thanks YOGESH KHAIRNAR for sharing these crosswords. It helps to explore new things and got to learn so many new concepts and new terminologies.

  3. Is 6 down a trick question :)
    There are two possible correct answers.
    does it matter if we `put` `get` there :)

    1. What do you think? :)
      Will publish the answers soon, stay tuned.


Thanks for your comment.

Yogesh Khairnar