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BlogATAhon (Series 2 - BDD)

After BlogATAhon - Series 1 (on Selenium), Agile Testing Alliance has launched the next item in BlogATAhon Series, Series 2 is on BDD (Behaviour Driven Development). If you are a BDD practitioner or may be an expert and want to share your knowledge and experiences, then you may want to participate in this competition. 

Some of the areas or topics that you can think of to publish your blog are as follows -
# BDD Concepts
# Challenges in BDD
# BDD Best Practices &
Success stories 
# Choosing BDD Frameworks and Code Base
# BDD Integration with tools like Jira
# BDD in Nonfunctional areas e.g. Security and Performance

Check out more details (guidelines, protocols, and timeline) of the competition here.

Keep learning, keep sharing.

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