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Software Testing Crossword - Series 2

Dear Technologists,
Hope you are doing great. Here is the 2nd post in the Software Testing Crossword series.

Let's test your Software Testing knowledge. 😃

1. these experience-based techniques helps Testers for learning, problem solving, and discovery.
2. Testing is performed to insure that changed functionality isn't affecting unchanged functionality
3. Testing is part of the Non-Functional Test Type
4. is one of the critical Skill of a Software Tester
7. is a visual thinking tool that Testers can use to organize ideas, concepts, information

5. is an issue tracking and agile project management tool
6. A mnemonic for Mobile App Testing
8. is a container for all events in Scrum
9. is used to find an element on the web page

Comment below with your answers.

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Fall OnlineTestConf 2019

Dear Technologists,
Hope you are doing great. Here is a great news for you.
In continuation with the initiative of bringing the Testing Community Closer virtually, OnlineTestConf is back again with another Conference; i.e. Fall OnlineTestConf 2019 (an online Software Testing Conference) and it's our (Software Test Professionals) opportunity to listen to the experts.

Fall OnlineTestConf 2019 is happening on December 3-4, 2019. Of course; likewise past conference attendance at the conference is free and meant for anyone who is willing to learn testing, involved in testing, loves testing, explores testing. Yes, it’s true. This Conference is free, and you do not need to travel anywhere. You can attend it from your home or office. 😀

Some FQA’s about Online Test Conference
# Do I need prior experience of attending a Conference?
- No, you don’t need any prior experience. You just need to register for a conference and attend it.

# I want to attend a conference, but I won’t be able to attend all the talks. Is it feasible?
- Yes, you can attend a conference and listen to the talks those are feasible for you. You don’t need to worry even if you miss some of the talks; after the conference recording will be shared with the registered attendees.

# During this online conference; is it feasible to ask questions to Speakers?
- Yes, after every talk there is a 5 minutes Q & A session. In addition, there is a dedicated Slack channel for each Speaker where you can get all your queries resolved even after the conference.

If you are interested, then without wasting time, save your seat here.

I have been attending these Online Test Conferences and I love it. Here is a snap of my tweets during the last few Online Test Conferences. I reckon; I am able to maintain a similar pose for a Selfie during the conference. 😃

Past Conferences
Check out Spring OnlineTestConf 2019 here
Check out Fall OnlineTestConf 2018 here
Check out Spring OnlineTestConf 2018 here
Check out Fall OnlineTestConf 2017 here
Check out Spring OnlineTestConf 2017 here
Check out Fall OnlineTestConf 2016 here

Keep learning, keep sharing.

Bug in Google Pay - Expired Scratch Card available for use (Android App version - 40.0.001_RC05)

This Bug is observed on Google Pay's Android App version - 40.0.001_RC05 (arm64-v8a)

The Expired Scratch was earned with Google Pay - Tez Shots. 

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