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Food for Thought - Remember, every User is important

Recently; Dhruv (my Son) was exploring a new Application (given by the School) for his online classes. Within the respective Web Application he was clicking on a Submit button and nothing was happening.

Since he knows that I am a Software Tester; after all, his frustration he asked me a question as below. 😁

Somehow he assumed that I am the one who Test all the Softwares.

Out of curiosity; I just checked what was happening. With the help of Developer Tools, I was able to figure it out that it was HTTP 404 Not Found response code (which signifies that the Server can't find the requested resource).

Well, with this whole scenario; few things that come to my mind (as below).

- Always remember; every User is important.

- Consider different User Personas while Developing and Testing the Software application.

- Think about Users when you test Software's.

- Be a User first; then a Tester.

Do you agree? Comment below with your thoughts.

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Testing With Fun – Memes (Series 8)


Dear Technologists, here is the Series 8 on Software Testing Memes. Hope you will enjoy it.

The moment you realize that you have executed Tests in the wrong environment

Ever this happened with you?

I think; it's a Bug. Yes; it's a Bug

This happens; isn’t it?

Do share your experiences in the comment section.
Testers feeling on Monday be like...

Comment below how’s your feeling or how do you start your Monday. 😂

After retesting & closing all the Bugs

Effect of Dream11 IPL Ads

The moment I hear this...


Share your views or experiences in the comments below.

After watching several advertisements about Coding Classes for Kids

Let the Bugs have some rest

Tester-Developer Bond

 When you Love what you do

True; isn’t it?

We Love JIRA

 When you type Google into Google Chrome -

When Testing team provides sign off on the Story

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Fall OnlineTestConf 2021

Dear Technologists, hope you all are doing well. 😇

OnlineTestConf is back again with another learning, and networking opportunity for the Software Testing Community.

Fall OnlineTestConf 2021 is happening between November 3rd-4th, 2021. This is a 2 day event. Of course; likewise past conference attendance at the conference is free and meant for anyone who is willing to learn testing, involved in testing, loves testing. Yes, it’s true. This Conference is free, and you can attend it from your home or office.

Stay tuned with the detailed Program, Speaker details, Description of each talk here.

Some FAQ’s about OnlineTestConf

# Do I need prior experience of attending a Conference?

- No, you don’t need any prior experience. You just need to register for a conference and attend it.

# I want to attend a conference, but I won’t be able to attend all the talks. Is it feasible?

- Yes, you can attend a conference and listen to the talks those are feasible for you. You don’t need to worry even if you miss some of the talks; after the conference recording will be shared with the registered attendees.

# During this online conference; is it feasible to ask questions to Speakers?

- Yes, after every talk there is a 5 minutes Q & A session. In addition, there is a dedicated Slack channel for each Speaker where you can get all your queries resolved even after the conference.

Sounds interesting; isn’t it? Then without wasting time, save your seat here.

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Are the Software Testing Certifications useful?

In this video, I have addressed below points.
- Why Certifications?

- Points to consider while choosing a Certification

- Certification Bodies

- Food for Thoughts

Hope you enjoy watching this video and get some useful information. 😀

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