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Software Testing Crossword – Answers & Winners (Series 4)

Thanks a lot for the overwhelming response to the Crossword Puzzle. I hope you have enjoyed it and also learnt something new. 😇

Crossword Puzzle

Here are the answers of the puzzle.

6. PUT / GET



I hope while solving above Crossword puzzle, you were able to learn and/or explore something new.

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And finally, here are the Winners of the Crossword Puzzle 😀

Winners of the Crossword Puzzle

1. Wei Bin Chiu

2. Jayesh Wankhade

3. Ramona Saintandre

Congratulations to all the winners.

I would like to thank each one of you for taking time out and putting efforts on solving this Crossword puzzle.

Soon, I we will get in touch with you regarding the Passes you have won for the Tutorials scheduled at ConTEST 2021.

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Software Testing Crossword – Series 4

Dear Technologists, hope you all are doing well. 😇

Here is the 4th post in the Software Testing Crossword series.

Let's test your Software Testing knowledge. 😉

1. A validation that runs on the Server to check that the form values (submitted data) are of the correct type

2. It can help in automation of business processes
3. A lightweight format for storing and transporting data

6. A HTTP Method

7. One of the Scrum Value

11. One of the Quality Criteria defined in the Heuristic Test Strategy Model

12. A Cloud Computing Service

4. A mnemonic for Mobile App Testing

5. Testing that is performed for a specific region, locale or culture
8. It can be used to generate, write and verify the XPath & cssSelector

9. One of the Programming languages supported by Selenium

10. A Test Design Technique

If you unable to see the crossword in the above image; don’t worry. Here is close-up of it.

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Keep learning, keep sharing, and yes, stay safe.😇

ConTEST 2021

Dear Technologists, Hope you all are doing well. 😇

In Year 2020, the Software Testing Community has witnessed various Virtual Conferences and experienced the joy of learning and networking.

In continuation with the same, here comes another learning and networking opportunity for the Software Testing Professionals.

ConTEST 2021, a virtual Software Testing Conferences is happening between February 15th-19th, 2021. Attendance at the conference is absolutely FREE (of course you need to spend time in order to get benefits out of it).

ConTEST 2021 is a uniquely designed event. In addition to a Conference; you have an opportunity to attend Tutorials and Certification Training around some important topics.

Here is the high level overview of the ConTEST 2021 Program.

Do check out the detailed Program, Speaker details, Description of each talk, learning opportunities/takeaways from it here.

I am sure; this sounds like a very good learning opportunity.

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Back to Basics – Test Cases

In this post, let's go back to basics. 😇

What is Test Case?

A Test Case describes the sequence of input actions, a set of input values, execution preconditions, and an expected response to determine whether feature of an application is working correctly or not.

A Test Case is comprised of the Test Case Identifier, Test Objective, Prerequisites, Test Steps, Test Data, Expected Result, Actual Result etc. You can customize the format which fits into your context.

Below is the Mind Map I have created about Test Cases.

As I have mentioned in the above mind map; Test Cases certainly help in Testing. However; Testing shouldn't be limited to Test Cases writing and execution. We should strive for making Software Testing as Exploratory activity rather than just Confirmatory activity.

Feel free to comment below with your inputs.

Keep learning, keep sharing, and yes, stay safe. 😇