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Continuous Learning – What I did in last Quarter (Jan-Mar 2020)

Dear Technologists, hope you all are doing well. I am sure you all are utilizing this lockdown (effect of COVID-19/Coronavirus) opportunity to learn and/or explore something new.

Here is my learning summary for the last quarter of the year (Jan-Mar 2020). I have completed below courses on LinkedIn Learning platform. 😊

Software Testing – Tools
This course encompasses below areas.  
- Lifecycle management
- Test planning tools
- Test automation frameworks
- API testing tools
- Vulnerability scanners
- Load testing with JMeter and more
- Beyond QA: Unit testing and infrastructure testing

If interested, check out the course here by Michael Smith

Agile Testing
This course encompasses below areas.  
- Testing in the agile context
- The role of the agile tester
- Backlog grooming
- Sprint planning
- Tracking bugs
- Manual testing
- Test automation
- Continuous integration

If interested, check out the course here by Ash Coleman

Interpersonal Communication
This course encompasses below areas.  
- Communicating with your colleagues
- When to use the phone or send an email
- Interpreting nonverbal cues
- Asking your boss the right questions
- Knowing when to listen and when to speak
- Communicating in tricky situations
- Handling an interruption
- Responding to critical feedback
- How to communicate as an introvert

If interested, check out the course here by Dorie Clark

UX Foundations: Usability Testing
- What is usability testing?
- Finding the right participants
- Making a screener
- Asking the right questions
- Avoiding bias
- Making a task list
- Creating the test environment
- Running a pilot study
- Moderating sessions
- Capturing real-time observations
- Analyzing and reporting your results

If interested, check out the course here by Chris Nodder

API Testing Foundations  
- Reviewing API terminology
- Mitigating risks related to testing APIs
- Mapping out the layout of an API
- API authorization and authentication
- Finding and using bearer tokens
- Testing GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE calls
- Using mocks, stubs, and fakes in API testing
- Testing microservices and the Internet of Things

If interested, check out the course here by Dave Westerveld

Introducing Robotic Process Automation
- Explain what swivel-chair integration includes.
- Recognize when RPA would be most effectively employed.
- List the factors to consider when evaluating different RPA software.
- Name the three stakeholders who benefit from RPA in a triple-win model.
- Recall the two factors used to evaluate the merits of a process becoming automated.
- Identify subtasks that can disqualify an entire process as an RPA candidate.
- Summarize why automation is not always a good choice for a process.  

If interested, check out the course here by Ian Barkin

That’s it from my side.😋
Now will focus on some in-progress items, and then will start with new ones.

How are you utilizing this learning opportunity? What courses you have taken or areas that you are focusing on? Comment below with your thoughts, suggestions, etc.

Keep learning, keep sharing, and yes stay safe. 😇

Testing With Fun – Software Testing Interview Questions and Funny Answers

Thanks for watching the video. Hope you have enjoyed it. 😊

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Testing with Fun – Are you a Tester or Doctor?

Are you a Tester or Doctor? 😀

Do you have any stories about Unit Testing?

If Yes, do comment below. I would love to read them. 😇

Keep learning, Keep sharing and yes, have fun.

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Testing With Fun – Memes (Series 6)

Dear Technologists, here is the Series 6 on Software Testing Memes. 😀

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Keep learning, Keep sharing and yes, have fun. 😇