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Global Testing Retreat 2018 – Call for Papers

Are you passionate about Software Testing?
Do you have an interesting story to share (based on your Software Testing journey)?
Do you think you can facilitate meaningful interactions on Software Testing?
Do you think that Software Testing community can benefit from your knowledge?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions; then what are you waiting for? Agile Testing Alliance has announced a Call for Papers for Global Testing Retreat 2018 (#ATAGTR2018; an International Software Testing Conference). You can submit papers in various Categories.

Check out more details (timeline, paper categories, and paper format) here.

Keep learning, keep sharing.


  1. Testing is not a career.
    It's for people who don't have skills.

    1. No matter what whether it's Testing/Development/Designing/Marketing,etc.,every job has its unique strengths & difficulties in its career.Few narrow minded people like you with high skillsets and poor attitude doesn't ever understand the dignity of labour.Never ever underestimate any profession or person.

    2. I think this guy is high on weed.


Thanks for your comment.

Yogesh Khairnar