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Testing of Software's Functionality to End-Users' Mentality

          When it comes to Software Testing it is very important to understand what we should Test. Typically Test Plan encompasses a section where we do mention the list of Features to be tested and Features not be tested. This list mainly based on the HLR (High Level Requirements), detailed FRS (Functional Requirements Specification) of the Software Application, and Impact Analysis.

          However; while identifying the Test Scenarios (Features to be tested) our focus should not be limited to the Functional Specification, Impact Analysis but it should be on the End User as well (who is going to use the Software). We should keep ourselves into the End Users shoes and identify more realistic scenarios in the way a User is going to use the Software. We should take help from Business and/or Product Teams to identify such business or real world scenarios.

          Remember the Software Testing principle, Exhaustive Testing is impossible; i.e. Testing everything (all combinations of input values and preconditions) is not feasible; but the ultimate goal of Software Testing is we should test the Software in the way a User is going to use it.