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Recently came to know that the airing of the CID show has been discontinued. I was a bit surprised to know this (as the show was consistently aired for 20+ years). I won’t say all, but I have seen most of the episodes of the CID show and it is one of my favorite shows on the television.

You must be thinking that it’s a Software Testing blog and why Yogesh is talking about CID show here?

Well, I could connect CID show to our Software Testing. Let’s consider a Software under test as a Crime Scene and we Software Tester as a CID Officer (may be ACP Pradyuman/Daya/Abhijeet, who were the leading CID Officers in the show 😇).

What we have witnessed in CID show is, every crime scene is different in various aspects and the way to approach and investigate the crime is different. Same goes with the Software too, isn’t it? 😉 Every Software Product is different. It may be of different domain, different technology, and accomplishing different purposes. And in accordance with the Software context, Testing is done differently.

We have also witnessed in CID show that, every case is not as straight forward as it appears and CID officer needs to struggle a lot in order to investigate it appropriately. Similarly; on many occasions we Software Testers need to struggle a lot in identifying the intermittent or sporadic bugs in the Software.

Sometimes a CID officer needs to change the plan &/or approach of investigation to cope with the changing situation or twist coming along the way of investigation. Similarly; we Software Testers also need to be agile and respond optimistically to changing requirements during the test execution or sometime towards the end of execution.

Have you seen this CID show? Do you have anything in mind that you can relate to Software Tester or Software Testing? 😀

Comment below with your thoughts.

Well, I am hoping that CID show will start airing soon. 😇

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