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Bug in Facebook - Duplicate text displayed on a Button (Android App version -

Bug in Facebook - Duplicate text displayed on a Button. This Bug is observed on Facebook's Android App version -

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Testing With Fun – Memes (Series 1)

Hey Software Test Professionals, Technologists, hope you are doing great. Thanks for your response on the #TesterBeingFilmy Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, & Series 4. 

Here is the new attempt to make you laugh... 

Developer's Reaction –

Retrospective Meeting

When you execute a Test Case 3 times and get different results each time

Ever this happened to you? 😆
How did you deal with such situations?

Customer Expectations vs Delivered Product

Fun apart;
# Do you really know your Customers, Users?
# Do you really understand the problem(s) that your Customers, Users are trying to solve?
# Do you consider User Personas while Development & Testing?
# Do you really understand the context?
# How many times and at what extent you take efforts to get this information?
# Most importantly; do you really ask enough questions in order to collect the information?
Think about it...

When someone says, Software Testing is an easy Job -

Certainly, Software Testing isn’t an easy job. One needs to have several Skills and Characteristics to play the game of Software Testing.

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