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Software Testing Mind Maps – Testing an E-mail Address field

Often we test an E-mail Address field while testing our application (Windows/Web/Mobile) under test. And it is certainly helpful if we have a set of common Test Cases ready for this.

Before getting into the Test Cases for an e-mail address field, let’s look at the parts or components of an e-mail address.

Here is an example of e-mail address; and it consists of below parts –

tester – which is called as Username/Display name/Account name/User Identifier
@ – which is a symbol required to separate the Username and Domain name
gmail – which is called as Domain name
.com – which is called as Domain name extension

Now, let’s consider the below form where we need to test an E-mail Address field.

And here I am providing a Mind Map for Testing an E-mail Address field which covers the details of valid and invalid cases that can be tested.

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Software Testing Mind Maps – Login Form Testing

This post is emphasized on the Login Form Testing of a Web Application. Below are some of the examples of Login forms/pages that we visit very often.


Here, I am providing a Login Form Testing - Mind Map for a quick reference which covers the details of Functional and Non-Function Testing that can be performed.

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