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Software Testing Crossword - Series 2

Dear Technologists,
Hope you are doing great. Here is the 2nd post in the Software Testing Crossword series.

Let's test your Software Testing knowledge. 😃

1. these experience-based techniques helps Testers for learning, problem solving, and discovery.
2. Testing is performed to insure that changed functionality isn't affecting unchanged functionality
3. Testing is part of the Non-Functional Test Type
4. is one of the critical Skill of a Software Tester
7. is a visual thinking tool that Testers can use to organize ideas, concepts, information

5. is an issue tracking and agile project management tool
6. A mnemonic for Mobile App Testing
8. is a container for all events in Scrum
9. is used to find an element on the web page

Comment below with your answers.

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Want more Crosswords? 😃
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