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Software Testing Crossword - Series 1

Let's test your Software Testing knowledge with below Crosswords. 😊

Crossword - 1

1. A Performance Testing Tool
2. A record of the Test Planning process.
5. The Test Execution environment configured for Testing.
6. A general-purpose Programming Language

3. It tells us how fast a Bug should get fixed
4. Testing is one of the Test Type
7. Testing is impossible
8. An Automated Checking Tool

Crossword - 2

1. It tells us an impact of the Bug on an Application
2. A High-level Programming Language
6. An API Testing Tool

3. A set of Test Cases for a component or system under test
4. is context dependent
5. Testing is one of the Test Level
7. is everyone's responsibility
8. A Test Type that includes Performance Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, Usability Testing, Maintainability Testing, Reliability Testing and Portability Testing

Comment below with your answers.

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