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Introduction to TestProject

Let’s check out the quick chat between these two Testers. πŸ˜€

Now, let’s understand what is TestProject? πŸ˜€

TestProject is a framework built on top of standard open source automation tools like Selenium and Appium. It aims to simplify the test automation experience.

In order to use TestProject platform, you need to sign up, download, install and register an Agent.

TestProject Agent
TestProject Agent is nothing but a single executable/desktop component that needs to be installed on the local machine. This Agent removes all the complexity of installing and managing drivers required for Selenium and Appium. It allows using all the browsers on the machine and any attached mobile devices to record, develop, execute, and debug your tests. In addition, agent connects the local machine and devices to the TestProject’s cloud based shared testing repository that Tester has access to through the TestProject account.
The best part is; this TestProject Agent is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Smart Test Recorder
TestProject platform allows you to create projects easily. These Projects can hold your Tests, Jobs, Data Sources, Elements etc. In a Project, you can add unlimited number of users, assign them specific permissions. Using TestProject’s Smart Test Recorder, you can quickly record and create automated tests (checks) for Web, Android and iOS applications. You can even export the recorded tests to code. TestProject helps the Testing Teams to work in a collaborative environment.

Shared Addons
TestProject makes the elements reusable which makes test maintenance easier and allows for control and customization. In addition, TestProject helps you to create your own addons.
Basically addons are nothing but reusable automation actions (pieces of code) that allow you to extend your tests. This is really helpful if you're not a coder as you can just use the addons that have been shared by the community to extend your tests.

If you can code and want a particular action you can quickly and easily create your own addons using TestProject SDK.TestProject provides a SDK for creating tests and addons using standard open source libraries (Selenium & Appium) for Web, Android and iOS applications.The SDKs implement standard selenium APIs so this makes the development of new tests and the migration of existing tests into the platform simple and straight forward.
As of today, TestProject’s SDK has a Java and C# (.NET Core) implementation and soon they are planning providing support for additional programming languages, such as: Python, JavaScript, etc.

Reports/Test Analytics
TestProject provides extensive reporting and analytics, which can help with debugging failed tests and it can help you see trends across tests and across projects.

The important thing is, you can use all these TestProject’s features along with an unlimited number of Agents, Users, and Projects for free. Yes, you read it correctly. You can get all this in TestProject’s free plan.

Sounds interesting? πŸ˜ƒ

In the next blog post we will see how to sign up to a TestProject platform, download, install and register an Agent.

Keep learning, keep sharing.

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