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13 Years of Software Testing

13 years. Yes, it’s been 13 years now that I have been testing Softwares.

Rigorously 13 years ago I have started my Software Testing career with BytzSoft Technologies (aka Shro Informatics back then). Indeed, it was a perfect start for me; I got an opportunity not just to test Software’s but also to interact with actual end-users, customers. Getting an opportunity to speak with your end-users frequently help you (and reminds you) to understand the problem you are trying to solve through the Software Solution.

As they say, First Love is always special, I am not sure about the Love, however, I would say (as a Software Tester); the first Software I have tested (on professional front); i.e. FlyPal will always special for me. I still remember, I have tested FlyPal’s Desktop version (approximately for a week’s time) just using the Keyboard (meaning no use of mouse at all). Thank You ByztSoft Technologies for all the opportunities and giving me a perfect start.

Thank you United Software Associates Pvt. Ltd., Symphony Teleca (now Harman Connected Services), and Mediaocean for all the experiences, opportunities, and showing the faith in me.

Thank you all the Co-workers, Friends, Software Testing Communities for all the support and motivation.

Thank you for taking important time of your life and reading this blog posts and all other contests that I have published so far on the internet. I really appreciate your time, feedback, and words of motivation.

Some thoughts &/or learnings from my Professional experience (not in specific order) -
- Learning is a continuous process and there is no end to it. It's difficult to learn everything (that you wish &/or think it is required) in one life, however; that doesn't mean we shouldn't put efforts in learning. Be optimistic and strive for the progress.

- It’s critical to understand the context before calling something as right or wrong, best or worst.

- We all are humans and humans have emotions. Do respect them.

- Whatever the Problem, Be part of the Solution.
Note – I don’t know the author of the quote, but I love this one and truly believe in it.

- (IMHO) either you follow a process or you don’t follow a process, there is nothing in between. So if you are looking for the benefits from a specific Process or Framework or Methodology being used to achieve Project success; then it is highly important that you understand, adopt, and practice the respective Process or Framework or Methodology.

- Automation (in Software Testing context) is important and we should use it (while keeping in mind that humans are humans and machines are machines).

- Irrespective of the role you are working in, from a Project or Organization perspective your contribution always plays a vital role. Be cognizant about it.

- Be a User first; then a Tester
Check out my YouTube playlist here and a blog post here.

- We (Software Testers) are humans and we may make mistakes. We should learn from them and ensure not to repeat them.

- Software Testing isn’t a Tools practice and we shouldn’t get associated with the Tools. Instead; we should associate ourselves with the Problem we are trying to solve.

- It’s important to know; what you don’t know. I don’t know many things (in Software Testing context); rather I know only a few things. This keeps me humble and gives me an opportunity to become a better version of myself.

- We are Software Testers, we have thoughts, opinions, we should write &/or speak about it.

- Don’t just do what you love; promote it too.
I love Software Testing, I feel Proud in what I do and I promote it too.

- Messages for Software Testers -

Well, these are my thoughts &/or learnings based on my experience which you may agree or partially agree or completely disagree and that is absolutely fine. I respect your views too. πŸ˜‰

Once again thank you for taking important time of your life and reading this blog post.

Keep learning, keep sharing, and yes, stay safe. πŸ˜‡

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