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State of Testing Survey – 2021

Dear Technologists, hope you all are doing well.

Have you taken the State of Testing Survey? If not yet, then you can take the survey here.

In case if you haven't heard about it so far; then State of Testing is an initiative run by PractiTest & Tea-time with Testers to help the Software Testing Community. This survey is mainly focused on identifying the Testing practices, Tools and Methodologies, Skills to acquire to stay relevant, different sources of knowledge, Testing challenges and trends to be aware of. Good part is, the final State of Testing report is translated into several languages and shared globally with the Software Testing Community.

If you need more clarity or want to understand how this report looks like, then take a look at the past reports as below.

State of Testing Survey 2020

State of Testing Survey 2019
State of Testing Survey 2018

State of Testing Survey 2017

State of Testing Survey 2016

State of Testing Survey 2015

State of Testing Survey 2013

Sounds interesting, isn't it? 😇

So what are you waiting for? Take a survey here.

Keep learning, keep sharing, and stay safe.

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