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Back to Basics – Test Bed

In this post, let's go back to basics.😇

What is Test Bed?

It's the Test Execution environment configured for Testing.

Before we (Software Testers) start the Test Execution, it is highly important to ensure that the Test Bed (Hardware, System Software, Application Software, Network Configuration/Setup, Application under Test, Test Data, Reference Documents, People, and anything else that can contribute to Testing) is set up appropriately. It helps us to keep the focus on Testing (rather than dealing with the issues which slows down the Testing activities).

Below is the Mind Map I have created about Test Bed.

I am sure; additional information can be added in the above mind map. Feel free to comment below with your inputs.

Keep learning, keep sharing, and yes, stay safe. 😇


  1. Yogesh, It's very useful mindmap for Testing team which covers the most of require points before start the Test Execution. Thanks for the Sharing.


Thanks for your comment.

Yogesh Khairnar